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About Image to Base64

What is Image to Base64 Conversion?

Converting an image to Base64 transforms it from binary data to a text string format, making it embeddable in web pages or for use in APIs. This process is crucial for seamless image integration without the need for additional image hosting.

How does Image to Base64 Conversion work?

This conversion reads your image's binary content and encodes it into a text-based Base64 string. This text string encapsulates all the image data, ensuring it can be transmitted or stored in places that don't support binary data.

Example of Image to Base64 Conversion

Input Image: picture.jpg

Output Base64 String:


This Base64 string can be used directly within HTML or CSS, or stored as text in databases.

Which programming languages support Image to Base64 conversion?

Many languages include support for this conversion:

  • JavaScript: FileReader.readAsDataURL()
  • Python: base64.b64encode(open('image.jpg', 'rb').read()).decode()
  • PHP: base64_encode(file_get_contents('image.jpg'))

How to convert an image to Base64 online?

Our Image to Base64 Converter simplifies the process. Just upload your image, and get the Base64 string instantly.

Safety and Privacy

Our tool ensures privacy: we do not store any images or data you provide. Conversion is performed in-browser, which means the image never leaves your device. Use our tool with confidence, knowing your data remains yours alone.