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About URL Encoder

What is URL encoding? Web browsers send request to web server based on the requested URL. Browsers gets server IP address of server from the URL and then sends a request to it along with sending of data.

URLs can only be sent over the internet using ASCII character-set. But manys time URLs contains chracter outside this ASCII set, so URL encoders encodes this characters.

What does a URL encoder do? URL encoder will replace character in URL outside ASCII character-set to safe UTF-8. For example space is replaced with "%20", # into %23. It is used for encoding the query string in URL

What is %27 in a URL? %27 in URL is single quote character '

What is URL encoding called? URL encoding is also called as Percent-encoding

How to encode url online? Using the URL encoding online tool feature you can easily encode any URL

Example of URL encoding Check below for the simple example:

Input: Hello World - How are you?

Output: Hello+World+-+How+are+you%3F

Which programming language provides URL encoding function? Almost all programming languages provides URL encoding functions. PHP URL encoding: urlencode($input_string) Python URL encoding: urllib.urlencode(f) Javascript URL encoding: encodeURI(uri)

Is this URL encoder safe & secure? Yes, this URL encoder is safe & secure. We do not save any of your data in server. Neither the data is visible to any 3rd party.

How to decode URL encoded string? To decode URL encoded string use this URL decoder online